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The Tale of Two Tennis Sisters Written in Aussie Flare

October 29th, 2015 · 2 Comments · Book Review, Fiction, Four Star

callahan-splitThis is an exciting and interesting tennis book written with some Aussie flare that I found on the Book Club Reading List.

Two sisters, Samantha and Annie Callahan, grew up playing tennis together and competed on the doubles pro circuit. Things were going well- they played off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, continually claiming their place in the top positions. Everything was going great until Janko came along…

‘You should ’ave net-’overed, Ar-nee, like I tell you.’

Serbian playboy Janko somehow came and swept Annie off of her feet, which caused a huge rift between Samantha and Annie. Samantha, the older sister, felt obligated to protect Annie, especially since she has some issues related to the abandonment of their mother, her drive in tennis, and her lifelong bond with Annie. But Janko’s recent involvement is ruining Annie’s tennis game as he coaches from the sidelines, really pissing Samantha off.

pg. 55- “with Janko now well and truly on the scene, Sam was terrified he would take Annie away from her.”

Who we’re dealing with in The Callahan Split

Author Lisa Heidke did a wonderful job of developing the characters- Annie, is the incredible tennis player who Samantha totally depends on; Bear- the sisters’ patient coach who told Samantha, “you are such an older sister…controlling, logical, determined”; Violet- the longtime friend and both of the sisters’ go to; Zach, a tennis photographer who has a crush on Annie; and Janko, the low life scum who cheats on Annie, breaks her heart, and leads to the spiraling plot of the story. Ugh, I was so angry at Janko and how blind Annie was to his shenanigans! (Can you see my emotional attachment to these characters?)

pg. 54- “You’ve really got it all Samantha. The only person holding you back is you.”

Everyone has their problems

But the whole women’s circuit seemed harsh, with the media eating it up at every instance. Alleged affairs between players, tennis pros turned Playboy models…basically a lot of really fit, competitive women who all wanted to be on top (with a lot of f-bombs and sass sprinkled in). As the reader, I soaked up the gossip and loved the drama.

pg. 205- “Complete strangers think they have the right to comment on the way you’re living your life- at least the way you’re perceived to be living it- and get morally outraged when they think you’re too thin, too promiscuous or too fat.”


The title, subheader, and cover art appropriately matched the content of this book, so I’m glad I chose it. It was spicy, audacious, and well-researched. Also, for some reason, it got me going to the gym a lot more (to get a tennis physique before vacation, maybe?) It all came together in a fairy tale ending, and it just shows that everything happens for a reason. I highly recommend The Callahan Split.

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